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Consultant – Knowledge Management Analysis


CBM Global Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG) set up a project team to scope out and start shape a knowledge management system across IAG network to ensure better access to learning, technical products, contract and project outcomes and online sharing of experiences and peer support. The intended system shall support advisors working across CBM Global members, thematic teams, and country teams as well as IAG’s core team. Since data, learning and knowledge are interlinked but at the same time managed at different levels of CBM Global and across various entities, the future knowledge management system shall be designed to be linked, adapted, and possibly integrated into a wider CBM Global knowledge management system.

The advisory knowledge management system could be built around IAG’s already existing advisory functions, staff roles and IT infrastructure (including Microsoft 365 including MS Teams, Omnia and NGO Online), but it could also include other infrastructure and systems depending on the initial needs assessment. IAG has a somewhat unique structure and function, with some elements in common with international NGOs and international technical consultancies and requires advice on knowledge management approaches and systems best suited to its operating model.

IAG’s understanding of knowledge management considers connecting people, developing, and adapting processes and the use of user-friendly technologies for communication as the three key success elements. Against this background, these elements shall be considered in all steps of the process at hand. IAG’s knowledge relates to processes of how our advisory work is planned, delivered and managed, as well as technical subject matter which comprises the contents of our advice.

IAG is looking for a knowledge management expert to lead a needs analysis and to provide an external point of view on the existing and possible future processes of our internal knowledge management. The consultant will work closely with a small group of IAG staff.

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The purpose of this consultancy is to support CBM Global Inclusion Advisory Group to analyse and identify a knowledge management approach and system, including a ‘community of practice type’ mechanism, that suits the different needs and builds upon existing structures.

An inception workshop will be held at the start of the consultancy to define more specifically the scope of the analysis and the consultant is expected to proactively support the CBM Global project team in defining the analysis framework.



  • The consultant will complete the task using his/her own analysis tools. In doing so, the consultant will:
    Understand the way IAG advisors works across the network, including with country teams and member associations, as well as other thematic teams (humanitarian team, advocacy team and mental health team).
  • Assess the various needs for creating, managing, accessing and using knowledge relating to IAG advisory work across CBM Global country teams, member associations and global secretariat advisory staff through individual and focus group interviews. Include consultation with humanitarian, community mental health, and advocacy teams.
  • Analyze the existing ways and systems being used to capture and share resources and knowledge within the IAG network and other thematic teams, where are the strengths and gaps as perceived by the different actors.
  • Suggest an overall approach as well as recommended systems (processes, platforms, instruments, staff functions, etc.) within the IAG network and broader across CBM Federation, to enable knowledge management in the future.
  • Conduct a workshop with IAG network and thematic teams’ representatives to share the analysis and recommendations.
  • Liaise with IAG staff as required in delivery of the above.
  • Other support to contract as agreed with manager.


  • Inception meeting report and workplan.
  • Draft report of needs analysis and outline of a proposed knowledge management system.
  • Facilitate a workshop to discuss the findings and finetune the recommendations.
  • Final report in English.

Required expert profile

  • Capacity to conduct organisational knowledge management needs assessments.
  • Capacity to conduct organisational process mapping.
  • Good intercultural and sensitive communication skills.
  • Experience in analysing and designing knowledge management approaches in international NGOs and/or for-purpose (or other) international technical consultancies.
  • Fluent in English language in spoken and written.

Timeframe and duration

  • Up to 10 (ten) days of work in total.
  • An inception workshop should be held in the end of January 2022 to detail the work plan and deadlines.
  • A draft final report should be submitted by 25 March 2022 and all work should be completed by 31 March 2022.

Application process

Applicants should submit a brief proposal (2 pages) describing the understanding of the ToR and the methodology that will be used to deliver the scope of the ToR. The proposal should also provide examples of previous work on knowledge management systems and analysis and a CV.

Applicants should submit a budget, on a fee per day basis, and costs for reasonable accommodation as required. We encourage persons with disabilities to apply.

Proposal should be submitted in English and sent to: with the reference: CBM Global IAG Knowledge Management.

If you have any queries about the consultancy, kindly contact:

The deadline for submission is 16 January 2022.