Description of consultancy

To consolidate and finalise the Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (OPD) best practice guide and draft a report on OPD strengthening in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, and the Philippines.

The consultant reports to: Mita Rani Roy Chowdhury, Regional Mental Health Advisor Asia, CBM Global Disability Inclusion

Background and rationale

CBM Global is an international development organisation committed to improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities in the poorest countries of the world. CBM Global’s Federation Strategy 2018-2023 commits to placing Disability Inclusive Development at the heart of CBM Global’s work, the central drive of which is to address transformative change in structures, systems and attitudes to bring about an improved quality of life for persons with disabilities living in poverty, their families and their communities.

The Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities and strengthening their voices are an integral part of the work of the Community Mental Health Thematic Team. CBM Global has been facilitating the strengthening of national organisations specifically the organizations of persons with disabilities (OPD) working in mental health advocacy and programmes in Asia namely in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, and the Philippines. The organization has planned to develop a best practice guide in Asia through a consultancy service for its multicounty OPD strengthening projects.


The purpose of this consultancy is to:
To consolidate the draft findings of the OPD strengthening reports in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, and the Philippines into a best practice guide for Community Mental Health (CMH).

The objective of this consultancy will be:

  1. To Develop a final report on the OPD strengthening work in the five focus countries.
  2. To finalize and consolidate a best practice guide on OPD Strengthening, using co-production methods with the participating OPDs and national partners.


  1. Final report on OPD strengthening completed and finalized.
  2. Best practice guide on OPD strengthening developed in the style of CBM Global’s good practice guide template


CBM Global will provide the consultant with:

  • Access to the draft report on OPD Strengthening in five countries in Asia.
  • Access to CBM Global partners and consultants involved in the OPD strengthening project in all five countries for input/and feedback. Access to Technical Area Technical Team for periodic updates and feedback
  • Access to the sample of CBM Global’s good practices guide and other relevant resources that will support the task’s completion.

Timeframe and duration

CBM Global expects this consultancy to be delivered over a maximum of 18 working days over one and a half months, at latest by 15th of October 2022.

Place/ location of service delivered

The Consultant will provide this service remotely to CBM Global under a national contract either in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, or the Philippines.
There will be no local or international travel for this project.

Required Expert Profile

  • Strong report writing skills prior experience in writing reports for International Development Partners in disability will be an added advantage.
  • Experience in writing using co-production methods
  • Experience and expertise in mental health, disability inclusion and Agenda 2030 and SDGs.
  • Expertise in disability and human rights instruments, specifically the UNCRPD and WHO QualityRights Initiative.
  • Experience in Disability Inclusive Development.

Selection criteria

  • At least three (3) years of experience providing services/guidance on disability and human rights issues, specifically UNCRPD/mental health.
  • A member of an Organisation of Persons with Disabilities (OPD), a disability rights organization, or an expert with significant working experience with OPDs.
  • Strong report writing skills using co-production methods, with prior experience in writing reports/guidelines/papers for Development Partners on Disability issues.
  • Having experience working with CBM Global is an added value.

Payment schedule

The payment will be made based on approved invoices in accordance with CBM Global’s specifications (see the CBM Global Consultancy Invoice Information).

The consultancy rate is agreed as follows:

The daily rate is 120-200 EUROs based on the candidate’s expertise profile (inclusive of VAT) for a maximum of 18 days.

The Payments will be paid as following:

  • 50% to be paid upon initial signing of the contract.
  • 50% to be paid upon completion of the contract.

Compliance with CBM Global policies

All consultants are required to sign and be bound by CBM Global code of conduct for consultants and CBM Global Safeguarding Policy and Behaviour Code and CBM Accessibility Policy. CBM Global will provide these documents upon contracting.

How to apply

Submit your expression of interest containing your CV, and a brief technical and financial proposal to: and CC: with the subject “EOI for OPD Guide Asia”

Closing: 23 September 2022 (Bangladesh time: UTC + 6)