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Humanitarian Actions for Rohingyas in Cox's Bazaar district, Cox´s Bazaar district, Bangladesh, Asia.

CBM Global welcomes any feedback and takes all complaints seriously. These will help us learn, improve as an organisation, and break down donor-recipient power dynamics when working with others.

We recognise that sometimes we get things wrong. This is why we are always very grateful to hear your concerns as that will help us resolve mistakes and learn how to do things better.

CBM Global has three main reporting mechanisms available to everyone: feedback and complaints, whistleblowing, and safeguarding and protection from sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment. More details about each reporting mechanism and related policies are found below.

Available for concerns, complaints, compliments or suggestions about the nature or quality of programme delivery, compliance with our policies, systems, processes and procedures, CBM Global’s lack of action, or behaviour of CBM Global staff, volunteers or contractors. This system is not anonymous, but all complaints are treated as highly confidential. For use by anyone affected by CBM Global’s work including partner organisations, programme participants and community members. How to send feedback? Send an e-mail: feedback@cbm-global.org Send a letter: Dr.-Werner-Freyberg-Str. 7, 69514 Laudenbach, Germany What will happen after I send a complaint? All complaints will be attended to within two working days of receipt. This response includes seeking to make contact with the complainant, to acknowledge receipt and inform on the follow-up. CBM Global aims to resolve all complaints within one month of receipt. If a complaint cannot be resolved within this timeframe, the complainant will be kept informed monthly about the progress made to date and when they can expect to receive further updates. Read our Programme Feedback and Complaints Policy

This is available for anyone to anonymously report irregularities, risks, safeguarding or SEAH incidents or violation of CBM Global’s Code of Conduct.

This can also be used by anyone affected by CBM Global’s work, including partner organisations, programme participants and community members.

A whistle-blower should promptly report a suspected or actual wrongdoing or improper conduct. All reports will be received by CBM Global’s Finance Director and will be treated with the strictest confidence. You can also report anonymously by sending a letter or an e-mail:

Send a letter:

To: The CBM Global HR manager OR the CBM Global Audit Officer
Address: CBM Global Disability Inclusion gGmbH, Dr.-Werner-Freyberg-Str. 7, 69514 Laudenbach, Germany

Send an e-mail: whistleblowing@cbm-global.org

Read our Whistleblowing Policy

CBM Global staff, representatives, programme participants, partners and community members can report, in writing or verbally, suspected or confirmed cases of safeguarding and abuse through any one of the following:

1.Notify, in writing or verbally (face-to-face or by telephone), the nearest Safeguarding Focal Point, HR officer, Project officer or member of your country senior management team.

2.Notify CBM Global’s Global Safeguarding Manager: safeguarding@cbm-global.org

3.Report using the anonymous whistle-blower address: whistleblowing@cbm-global.org 

CBM Global recognizes that sometimes, persons who wish to report a safeguarding concern may feel more comfortable doing so outside these identified pathways. For instance, a staff member may make a report to a trusted colleague and not a safeguarding focal point. The trusted colleague has an obligation to escalate the incident using any of the reporting pathways listed above. All reported cases, regardless of how they are reported, will be treated seriously and will be handled by professionals who are trained in the matter and will treat them with the necessary sensitivity.

Read our Safeguarding of Children and Adults-at-risk Policy

Read our Protection from Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment Policy

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