Putting inclusion into practice

We partner with the disability movement to influence organisations, institutions and systems to realise the rights of people with disabilities. We believe that tailored input – communicated effectively, with the right people at the table – can help make inclusion a reality.

Who we are

We are a global network of advisors and researchers, working in partnership with the disability movement on catalytic opportunities that have potential to spark broader, systemic change for inclusion.

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Why we exist

The rights set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities are often not enjoyed in reality. We exist to support others to put inclusion into practice.

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What we do

In partnership with the disability movement, we help create change in organisations and institutions through technical advice, change facilitation, capacity strengthening and sharing evidence of what works.

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Our approach

Our unique approach provides clients with high quality, tailored advice via multi-skilled teams, in partnership with the disability movement.

"Prior to [IAG's] engagement, our role was more seen by donors as that of an implementing organisation only, now we are also being seen as playing a consulting role."

– Indonesian OPD representative

Our people

We work in teams of advisors from different contexts, drawing on a range of skills and expertise. Teams include in-house and associate advisors.

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