Our unique approach provides clients with high quality, tailored advice via multi-skilled teams, in partnership with the disability movement.

We believe that tailored input, communicated effectively, with the right people at the table can help make inclusion a reality.

We seek advisory opportunities that are catalytic and have the potential to spark broader, systemic change for inclusion, in line with CBM Global’s vision and mission.

Our guiding principles

  • We value the expertise and lived experience of people with disabilities and their representative organisations in all their forms.
  • We work to complement the agenda and amplify the many voices of the disability movement, particularly in the global south.
  • We commit to aligning our advice with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and other human rights and sectoral frameworks as relevant, and seek to support others to implement these.
  • We aim to understand our client’s needs, perspectives and contexts, and provide capacity development and advice tailored specifically for them.
  • We seek to build capacity in other organisations so that the commitment to inclusion continues beyond our advice.
  • We commit to collecting, analysing and drawing on evidence of ‘what works’.
  • We draw on a range of expertise and perspectives from within our advisory teams and partners.
  • We seek to work within a broader inclusion perspective, recognising that different forms of exclusion based on age, gender, disability and other aspects are fundamentally connected and intersecting. We particularly emphasise the multiple and intersecting nature of gender and disability.

Why we’re different

  • We bring development and humanitarian policy and programming expertise, in collaboration with the disability movement who bring representation, expertise and lived experience.
  • We offer localised advice and relationships backed by global evidence and learning, networks and sector understanding
  • We offer a tried and tested approach with quality assurance mechanisms.
  • Through one contract and partnership manager, clients can access multi-skilled teams of CBM Global advisors, the disability movement, associates and research partners.
  • We bring insights and evidence from global to community level work throughout work with a diverse range of clients.
  • Our advice offers well-rounded perspectives drawn from and complemented by CBM Global’s advocacy and programmatic work.

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