The whistleblowing mechanism allows everyone to anonymously report any suspected or actual occurrence(s) of illegal, unethical or inappropriate behaviours or practices. This facility can be used by anyone affected by CBM Global’s work, including partner organisations, programme participants and community members.

A whistleblower should promptly report a suspected or actual wrongdoing or improper conduct. All reports received will be treated with the strictest confidence. Where anonymity is desired, suitable mechanisms are available for reporting as provided below.

How do I make a whistleblowing report?

To make a whistleblowing report, choose one of the following three options.

Whistleblower Portal

The Whistleblower Portal allows you to report confidentially. You can provide your name, which will only be known to the system administrator, or report anonymously and no one will know the name of the person who has submitted a report.

After submitting a report, you will receive a system-generated code or ‘key’ that you can use to give more information on the case or to establish the status of your report.

In writing

You can choose to send your whistleblower report in writing to:

The CBM Global HR Manager OR the CBM Global Audit Officer
Address: CBM Global Disability Inclusion gGmbH, Dr.-Werner-Freyberg-Str. 7, 69514 Laudenbach, Germany

By email

Or you can choose to send an e-mail to:

CBM Global is committed to a culture of integrity, transparency and accountability. CBM Global’s Whistleblowing Policy provides all whistleblowers with the assurance that reports will be handled with care and in strict confidence.