Achieving our mission to fight the cycle of poverty and disability

CBM Global works alongside people with disabilities living in the world’s poorest places to fight poverty and exclusion, to transform lives and build inclusive communities.

We are driven by our Christian values and our vision for an inclusive world in which all people with disabilities can enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential.

We do this because people with disabilities living in poverty face stigma, violence and discrimination, and have reduced access to health care, rehabilitation, assistive devices, safe and accessible living environments, education and employment. In emergencies, people with disabilities are often the worst impacted and face a higher risk of being injured or losing their lives during a disaster.

We build authentic partnerships with the disability movement

We draw on more than 115 years of experience seeking out the most effective and innovative approaches to realise our mission

We create concrete and sustainable change for and with people with disabilities, their families and communities through our three vehicles of change: community programmes, advisory and advocacy

We are partnership based, working in authentic partnership with the disability movement and with other key organisations at the local, national, and global level.  



In partnership with and accountable to the Disability Movement

  1. Advocacy: Achieving systemic change
  2. Field Programmes: Enabling community transformation
  3. External Advisory: Helping others make inclusion a reality

Community programmes

Our programmes across Africa, Asia and Latin America are developed and delivered with local partner organisations to ensure long-term transformation and accountability in communities we serve.


We draw on learning and evidence from our community work to inform our advocacy and achieve systemic change for people with disabilities.

External advisory

We partner with the disability movement to influence organisations, institutions and systems to realise the rights of people with disabilities. We believe that tailored input, communicated effectively, with the right people at the table can help make inclusion a reality.

Our values reflect the teachings and example of Jesus Christ: 

  • We Strive for Justice
  • We Champion Inclusion
  • We Embrace Partnership
  • We Pursue Excellence
  • We Live with Integrity

Driven by Christian values, we seek out and work with the most marginalised in society, irrespective of race, gender, age or religion, recognising the equal worth of every individual.

How we work to end the cycle of poverty and disability

We promote a whole of life, person-centred approach for people with disabilities. Our approach does not just look to address change at an individual level but also challenges existing systemic exclusion and discrimination. We do this by strengthening systems and services to be more inclusive and aligned with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. We support the voice and power of people with disabilities as agents of change in both development and humanitarian action.

To know more about how we work to end the cycle of poverty and disability, download our Programmatic Strategy, Approach to Partnership (French, Spanish), Programme Quality Framework (French, Spanish) and our Theory of Change.