Edwin Godfrey
Board Chair

“I have a background as an international business lawyer in London, and have also been a board member of several organisations supporting people with disabilities. I have served CBM in various roles since joining the board of CBM UK in 2015, and now as chair of CBM Global. I am proud of the great achievements of our staff and member teams towards breaking the cycle of poverty and disability.” 


Ivy Kihara

“I am a human rights lawyer with over 13 years of experience working with different Kenyan and international not-for-profit organisations, specifically in systems and processes creation, programme and project management, capacity building, administration, human resource management, research, policy analysis, monitoring, and evaluation. I have sectoral experience in human rights, safety and security of human rights defenders, governance and democracy, NGO security management, women’s rights, youth, business and human rights, media and film production. I enjoy working with a diverse and complex range of partners and stakeholders. My countries of experience are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Burundi, Swaziland, South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal, and comparative analysis with Latin America and Asia.”


Dulamsuren Jigjid
Independent Board Member

“My experience over the past two decades has shown that people with disabilities and their representative organisations have been instrumental in reducing discrimination and promoting social progress and human rights. I am always honored to work with individuals and organisations to make this happen. All of CBM Global’s activities and goals are closely aligned with this process. Therefore, as a person with a disability myself, I think working for this organisation is another humble contribution to the human rights of people with disabilities and global development.”

Jose Viera
Independent Board Member

“Motivated by contributing to a better world for all, I have worked for more than 20 years in the field of human rights and inclusive development. From supporting small organisations in rural areas to leading global processes to improve the life of persons with disabilities, I have always combined my professional experience with my life experience as a person with disability. I always believed in and advocated for, creating societies capable of eliminating barriers that prevent us from living the life we choose. I am firmly convinced change is possible if we work together. In my current job as advocacy director for the International Disability Alliance and my family life, I try to make long-lasting change for a better future.”

Susanne Brandl

“Imagine a world that is fully inclusive of people with disabilities. With this vision in mind, I joined CBM Switzerland and CBM Global as a board member in order to contribute with my experiences, passion, and belief in the power of people and multi-stakeholder partnerships towards making this vision become a reality! Having worked for more than 18 years in leadership positions within the pharmaceutical industry, the corporate sustainability area as well as non-profit organisations with a major footprint in developing and emerging countries, I have encountered the fact that people with disabilities often are confronted with discrimination and exclusion on a daily basis. I stand for an inclusive and holistic approach in community- and ecosystem-based development fostering equal rights and chances for all, wherever they live.”

Neil Murray

“I am a retired eye surgeon who was active, often together with my wife Tania and our children, in inclusive eye work in the developing and developed world for nearly 30 years. During this time, I have known CBM from both the inside – in the field in West Africa working for CBM for several years – and from the outside, not only as a supporter but also as an observer of CBM activities while involved with other aid organisations. I have a deep understanding and appreciation of the impact of CBM’s work. The opportunity to be a Board member, along with my Governance expertise, is both exciting and humbling.”

Mick Turnbull

“I have an extensive business background working for over 40 years in senior ‘C Suite’ leadership and board governance roles. However, my heart is drawn towards supporting organisations which are making a difference in the lives of those who are marginalised and living in poverty. During the last 15 years, I have served on a number of not-for-profit boards supporting organisations to achieve their goals in helping the poor, marginalised and disabled. My involvement with CBM Global comes from this passion of achieving a better world for all and not leaving any behind especially those living with disability.”

Delphine Misan-Arenyeka
Independent Board Member

“As a mother of a person with disability, I have been constantly driven to change the narrative in the areas of advocacy, awareness, education, employment, and access to independent living without prejudice. This is not an easy road to travel but the desire to make a difference in government policies and society keeps me going. I am currently a director with Palton Morgan Holdings. Before this, I served on the pioneer board of Habitat for Humanity in Nigeria for four years and was the chairperson and head of finance and admin matters board sub-committee of the Millard Fuller Foundation for over eight years.” 

Mark Finan

“I completed my Bachelor of Laws at Trinity College Dublin, Master of Laws in International Business Law at Leiden University, Barrister-at-Law in Kings Inns Dublin, and Master of Arts in Ethics and Corporate Responsibility at Dublin City University. I was called to the Bar of Ireland in 2005 and continue to be a practicing barrister specialising in corporate governance, General Data Protection Regulation, and administrative law. I am also a consultant for a number of businesses on corporate governance and compliance. I have a number of years of experience as a corporate non-executive director as well as in Non-Governmental Organisations. I was chairperson of CBM Ireland prior to my appointment to the board of CBM Global. I am committed to advocating for the world’s most disadvantaged.”