Using the Washington Group questions on disability data in development programs: A learning brief

News-iag, Project | June 15, 2023

Our Inclusion Advisory Group, with colleagues from the Nossal Institute for Global Health, have developed a learning brief that focuses on the collection and use of disability data to inform planning, monitoring and evaluation of development programs.

Aim of the learning brief

Disability data collection and use is an evolving area of practice in international development. However, development organisations often experience challenges in planning and implementing the collection of disability data, or do not feel confident to use data to inform their programs or to evaluate their progress towards inclusion. This is a missed opportunity, as it means that programs may not be tracking whether their programs are inclusive of persons with disabilities, targeting the right groups, or implementing the most effective solutions. This applies to all ‘mainstream’ programs that aim to include persons with disabilities along with other population groups, as well as ‘targeted’ programs specifically designed to reach persons with disabilities.

This learning brief is for development practitioners and project managers interested in collecting and using disability data in their programs. It aims to:

  • consolidate the lessons and experiences of development organisations in collecting and using disability data
  • address some of the challenges in planning and implementing the collection of disability data

The learning brief offers practical guidance with suggested approaches to overcoming common issues and concerns, with a focus on the Washington Group questions. 

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