An approach to disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction based on consultations with people with disabilities in the Asia and Pacific regions.

The Asia-Pacific region has the highest rate of natural hazard events in the world. Communities across this region need to be prepared for disasters. Within this region one in six people have a disability. Although the Sendai Framework recognises that people with disabilities are crucial contributing stakeholders, people with disabilities across Asia and the Pacific continue to be systematically excluded from disaster preparedness activities, which places them at greater risk.

To help disability-inclusive DRR become a reality, the Pacific Disability Forum (PDF), the International Disability Alliance (IDA), and CBM Global’s Inclusion Advisory Group, worked together to conduct inclusive consultations across Asia and the Pacific, to seek the perspectives, experiences and priorities of the diverse range of people with disabilities in relation to disaster preparedness, response and recovery.

A total of 506 people from across Asia and the Pacific completed an online survey to share their experiences of disability and disasters. An additional 80 people participated in virtual focus group discussions and key informant interviews in the South and East Asia regions. 274 people participated in face-to-face focus group discussions and key informant interviews in five Pacific Island Countries.

Drawing upon these consultations, this report highlights the stories and experiences of people with disabilities from Asia and the Pacific in recent disasters, including COVID-19. The report also delivers findings and recommendations from the sub-regions to inform governments, the development and humanitarian sectors, and other actors involved in disaster policy, mitigation, and response.

This publication was made possible through funding received from the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.