Kirsty Thompson
Inclusion Advisory Group

“Originally trained as an occupational therapist, I have worked in disability research, policy, or practice for almost 30 years, much of this in a development context. I’m passionate about inclusion, diversity, and working with and alongside people with disabilities and their representative organisations. I’ve worked in many places where access to services was rare, confined to urban areas, or not inclusive. Helping create opportunities by influencing mainstream policies and providers seemed a key way to address this. I was privileged to be given the opportunity to set up and lead CBM Australia’s advisory work for a decade before moving into a global role.  I’m proud to work alongside a similarly passionate team and be a part of CBM Global’s growing efforts to support mainstream development and humanitarian partners to make inclusion a reality.”


Anderson Gitonga
Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID)

“I joined CBM Global in February 2022 as Inclusive Development Director. My areas of expertise include Community Development with a strong focus on Inclusive Development. I have worked in this field for over 25 years. Prior to working with CBM Global, I was the Chief Executive Officer of the United Disabled Persons of Kenya, the Kenya Federation of organizations of persons with disabilities, a position I held for eight years. As a person with disability, I want to ensure that the voices of people with disabilities and their representative organisations are amplified. I am one with CBM Global in working to ensure that people with disabilities are meaningfully included in society.”


Tushar Wali
Disaster Risk Management Director

“I have been working in the humanitarian and development sector for the last 23 years, with a strong passion and interest in disability inclusion. I’ve held various positions ranging from project manager, rehabilitation advisor, emergency specialist, country director, senior humanitarian programmes manager, and senior disaster risk reduction advisor. Since January 2024, I have taken up the Disaster Risk Management Director role at CBM Global. I have contributed to various disability inclusion guidelines and standards that have been produced over the last ten years and am actively involved in various networks and working groups on disability inclusion in different sectors, working closely with the disability movement. Working with our partners in countries most affected by climate and other hazard risks, marred by underdevelopment, CBM Global contributes towards the protection and promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities – 16% of the world population and often most disproportionately affected climate change and disasters and trapped in the cycle of poverty.”


Danny Haddad
Inclusive Eye Health (IEH) & Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)

“For almost 30 years, I have been working on the elimination of avoidable blindness and the elimination of neglected tropical diseases. I have lived and worked in many countries in Africa and Asia, from hands-on project management to global leadership, working for NGOs and academia. I am excited to lead the development and delivery of an ambitious strategy for inclusive eye health, linking with CBM Global’s related work in community based inclusive development, community mental health, and disability inclusive humanitarian action.”

Mary Keogh

“I have worked for over 15 years in the international human rights and development sector. I have had a number of roles all related to influencing systems change, ranging from campaigner, a researcher on disability rights, and technical advisor on advocacy. What keeps me working in advocacy is my belief in the power of people to make a change, I firmly believe this change must be led and owned by people seeking it. This is what brought me to CBM Global. CBM Global places organisations of persons with disabilities at the centre of our work. For our advocacy this means, not advocating on behalf of, but partnering with and working alongside organisations of persons with disabilities. This is how sustainable policy change happens.”


Julian Eaton
Community Mental Health

“Over the last 20 years, I have had the privilege of working with CBM during the development of the new field of Global Mental Health. As a consequence of our work with partners, we have contributed to a shift from a focus on health, to a far greater understanding of the importance of local culture, and of addressing the inequity and injustice that underlie so much mental distress. Most importantly, in championing the voice and participation of people living with psychosocial disabilities, the field can be shaped by, and accountable to, those affected by the issues it is trying to address”