Annacarola Rojas

“I love working with development organisations that seek to improve the lives of people with disabilities. I have been working with groups of people with disabilities for 15 years and have learned more from them than I have been able to teach them. Being the Country Director of CBM Global Bolivia gives me the opportunity to contribute to improving conditions for people with disabilities who live in disadvantaged areas and face discrimination in my country.”

Ousseini Badini
Burkina Faso

“Passionate about equal opportunities and social inclusion, I’m a senior manager in the field of International Development. I have extensive programming experience and competency in team and systems management. With 20 years of multi-sectoral experience in health, education, and disability mainstreaming, my skills include leadership, coordination, team and relationship building, and capacity development.”

Marisa Kristianah

“Working with CBM for over 16 years, I am grateful to be able to manage a diverse and talented team that speaks and lives inclusivity. I am fortunate to witness the change we can make if people with disabilities are given their rights and would like to see more of it with CBM Global and you.”

Edwin Osundwa

“I have over 15 years of experience designing, implementing, and monitoring development projects that promote inclusion and human rights. I have also been in management positions – leading and providing strategic leadership on advocacy, programme cycle management, organizational strengthening, building authentic partnerships, and providing advisory support on inclusion. I am enthusiastic about working together with the most marginalised to bring about positive change.”

Nouanta Latsavongxay

“I have a lived experience in disability, and I am acknowledged as a leading expert in disability rights in Lao PDR. I used to work with the National Organization of Persons with Disabilities (OPD) for 11 years, and I actively participated and contributed to the disability rights movement, advocacy, and influencing work alongside other OPDs. I have a persistent effort to promote disability inclusion and to support the self-empowerment of persons with disabilities in the country”

Satry Ramaroson

“I have been working for CBM since February 2018 and was recently appointed as Country Director in July 2022. Prior to this, I was the Programme Manager for the Country Office in Madagascar. I have a master’s in economy and have been working in the development field for more than 12 years. Working for and with persons with disabilities matches my personal commitment to serving other people, particularly those who are vulnerable and discriminated against.”

Suraj Sigdel

“With over 22 years of professional experience in the development sector, I had opportunities to serve the most marginalized population in remote parts of the world. Embracing authentic partnerships, I work hand in hand with self-help movements, civil society organisations, and national and international not-for-profit organizations. Practicing justice and rights-based approach, I worked in both the humanitarian and development initiatives that supported breaking the vicious cycle of poverty and disability along with promoting democracy, governance, youth empowerment, and women and child rights.”

Hercules Paradiang

“I am passionate about development for all people, especially the poor, vulnerable, and disadvantaged sector of the population. I have more than 30 years of experience in social development work in various sectors (children, women, farmers and fisherfolk, microentrepreneurs, and persons with disabilities), and in various areas of work. I am experienced in senior management and leadership, including strategic, operational, and change management roles with a number of international NGOs.”

Greaterman Chivandire

“An inclusive development expert, and ‘change’ leader, with a strong shove in organization-wide strategic vision planning, programme operations oversight, staff supervision, and mentoring, gained in high-level executive leadership and Board/Advisory roles. I value and model connected leadership that devolves power and maximizes the shared will to succeed.”