The Role

Senior Programme Officer
Full-time, 6-month Fixed-Term Contract  (With the possibility of permanent employment)

Reports to:
Programme Manager

Job Overview
The Senior Programme Officer is responsible for the management and implementation of CBM Global’s projects in line with CBM Global’s strategy, and the Indonesia Country Strategic Plan and guided by CBM Global’s programme quality framework and management systems.

This position is responsible for overseeing project cycle management, partnership, partner capacity building, engagement with organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs), project budget, communications, reporting and monitoring, and evaluation. S/he will act as a focal point for project implementation with members, technical units, partners, and stakeholders on behalf of CBM Global.

Based: CBM Global office in Jakarta

Hours: Full-Time

Salary range: Competitive

Responsibilities and Duties

1.   Contribute to the fulfillment of CBM Global Indonesia’s commitment regarding the number of projects developed and approved.

2.   The timely smooth and proper ‘take-off’ of new project implemented by CBM Global Indonesia’s partner(s).

3.   The timely and proper project implementation of all proposed and approved project activities of all (continuing and new) projects following the activities and budgets listed in the project documents by the partner, and that they all produce the expected results, leading to the achievements of all projects’ objectives.

4.   The proper documentation and analysis of project monitoring results/data that are stored at the project level by partners, with important/ strategic findings (lessons learned, best practices, evidence base) also stored at the CBM Global office.  All project monitoring data should be easily accessible for use in project evaluations as well as for evidence to be used in national-level advocacy and alliance-building.

5.   Partners’ capacities (organizationally and at individual project staff level) meet the project requirements for proper quality management and implementation of activities/interventions of the projects.

6.   CBM Global Indonesia and its partners have allies, including relevant Organizations of People with Disabilities (OPDs), that provide support in advocating relevant parties/institutions at different levels of decision-makers, leading to the adoption or adaptation of approaches/models developed and tested in CBM Global-supported projects at the implementation level, and/or changes in policies at the national level.

7.   All projects are evaluated as per their schedules and the evaluation results are shared accordingly for advocacy purposes.

8.   Relevant new knowledge, project lessons learned, and other learning are internalized, documented, and shared with relevant CBM Global colleagues and partners in the spirit of making CBM Global a learning organization, and even beyond.

9.   A solid and compact highly productive CBM Global Indonesia programme as well as office-wide teams.

Key outcomes expected from this role.

1.   Projects delivered to an exemplary standard, meeting all targets as detailed in the project design.

2.   High-quality reports submitted on time, meeting the needs of all stakeholders.

3.   Problems and challenges that arise in the project are identified and addressed promptly, minimizing impact upon project achievements.

4.   Project learning identified, documented, and shared.

5.   Project work plans and implementation aligned to CBM Global and Country Office Strategy.

6.   Effective collaboration with partners, OPDs, and other stakeholders who engage in project implementation.

Person Specification
All of the following requirements are essential unless marked with a * when they are desirable.

CBM Global welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds and people with disabilities.


·       Professional experience in a national or international NGO with a minimum of 3 years at the Senior Programme Officer level, with a track record in successfully coordinating and managing development programme.

·       Proven experience in results-based management and project cycle management, including assessment, monitoring, and evaluation, with a sound understanding of budgeting and budget tracking.

·       Demonstrated experience in managing internal and external relationships and partnerships, particularly with implementing partners, project stakeholders, and donors.

·       Experience working with most at-risk groups*

·       Experience in managing projects in a humanitarian context would be an advantage*

Safeguarding Responsibilities

Focuses on self-awareness and behaviour regulation, observing and reporting others’ behaviour, and training.


· Understand the incident management framework and their first responder role in recording, responding, and reporting incidents. 

· Understand the survivor-centered approach and how to apply it when receiving a complaint or responding to an incident. 

· Knows local support services available in the community or region, and how to engage them. 

· Understands how to incorporate safeguarding into good quality programme design. 

· Understand how power imbalance, gender inequalities, bias, and discrimination influence and impact access to interventions. 

· Knowledge of donor safeguarding requirements and partner capacity. Contextual knowledge. 


·       Able to listen and accurately document reported concerns and complaints. 

·       Able to respect the confidentiality of safeguarding allegations. 

·       Able to appropriately apply the survivor-centered approach. 

·       Analytical and skilled in participatory approaches used for mapping social norms, and patterns of violence and identifying risks and mitigation measures within their interventions. 

·       Able to source required technical and professional expertise to design and deliver safe programming. 

·       Able to make sound judgments and timely decisions on safeguarding risk management to ensure the programme is safe. 

·       Able to develop and implement innovative solutions to minimize risks to programme participants.  


·       Treats the survivor and others involved in an incident with dignity and respect. 

·       Be assertive in implementing the initial incident response protocols by gaining the trust and cooperation of the parties involved.

·       Always consider safeguarding risks in all activities and interventions. 

Skills/competencies/personal qualities

·       English (professional proficiency)

·       Advanced MS Office

·       Proven strong skills in writing reports.

·       Proven good organizational and coordination skills as well as a high level of autonomy and flexibility.

·       Excellent communication and interpersonal relationship skills.

·       Ability to foster teamwork with intercultural competence and sensitivity.

·       Ability to research, analyze data, and provide recommendations.

·       Willingness to travel and work long hours when necessary.

·       Relevant university degree in social sciences, international development, or any other related field.

·       Associated degree in a relevant field (livelihood, disability, gender, community development) is an advantage.

·       Strong understanding of UN-CRPD and Community Based Inclusive Development (principles, needs, approaches, challenges) *

Employee Benefits
As part of our commitment to inclusion, CBM Global aims to encourage applications from people with disabilities and those with health conditions. We have a comprehensive equality and diversity policy

Useful Information
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Shortlisting and Interviews

CBM Global is an equal opportunities employer, committed to ensuring all applications are treated fairly.

All applications are subject to our shortlisting process; if you are shortlisted, we will contact you and invite you to attend an interview. You will also be advised at this point if there will be any skills tasks to complete as part of the recruitment process.

Diversity Policy Statement

Everyone has the right to be treated with consideration and respect. CBM Global is committed to achieving a truly inclusive environment for all, by developing better working relationships that release the full potential, creativity, and productivity of each individual. CBM Global aims to ensure that all staff, volunteers, donors, partners, contractors, and the general public are treated fairly. This will be regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, race (including color, nationality, ethnicity, or national origin), disability, medical status, age, religion or belief, political opinion, social or economic status, or ex-offender status.

Employment Checks

CBM Global is committed to the safety and best interest of all children and vulnerable adults accessing CBM Global-supported services and programmes. Relevant background checks including working with children, police, and reference checks will be completed prior to the preferred candidate’s employment being confirmed.

All applicants must have the right to work in the relevant country. All offers of employment are made subject to the following criteria: Proof of eligibility and satisfactory employment screening, and three references satisfactory to CBM Global.

How to apply
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More information about CBM Global Disability Inclusion can be found by visiting the new CBM Global website:

Closing date: 7th of September 2023 05:00 pm Jakarta time.


1.   Use this link: to apply.

2.   Prepare your CV in English please, as you will need to upload it into our ATS system.

3.   Download and complete the Application Form in English please, as you will need to upload it into our ATS system.

4.   No email applications will be considered. If you have any problem with the system, please redirect them to our email address  with the subject of the email following format: Family Name First Name: Senior Programme Officer, Indonesia.

We also welcome informal inquiries, which should be sent to the email address