The programme feedback and complains reporting mechanism can be used by anyone affected by CBM Global’s work, including partner organisations, programme participants and community members.

It’s available for concerns, complaints, compliments or suggestions about the nature or quality of programme delivery, compliance with our policies, systems, processes and procedures, CBM Global’s lack of action, or behaviour of CBM Global staff, volunteers or contractors.

This system is not anonymous, but all complaints are treated as highly confidential.

How do I send feedback?

By email

Send an e-mail to:

In writing

Send a letter to: Dr.-Werner-Freyberg-Str. 7, 69514 Laudenbach, Germany

What happens after I send a complaint?

All complaints will be attended to within two working days of receipt. This response includes seeking to make contact with the complainant, to acknowledge receipt and inform on the follow-up. CBM Global aims to resolve all complaints within one month of receipt. If a complaint cannot be resolved within this timeframe, the complainant will be kept informed monthly about the progress made to date and when they can expect to receive further updates.