CBM Global staff, representatives, programme participants, partners and community members can report, in writing or verbally, suspected or confirmed cases of safeguarding and abuse through any one of the following:

  • Notify, in writing or verbally (face-to-face or by telephone), your country Safeguarding Focal Point
  • Notify CBM Global’s Global Safeguarding Manager: safeguarding@cbm-global.org
  • Report using our Safeguarding Form (click this link if you’re using a mobile phone)

CBM Global recognises that sometimes persons who wish to report a safeguarding concern may feel more comfortable doing so outside these identified pathways. For instance, a staff member may make a report to a trusted colleague and not a safeguarding focal point. The trusted colleague has an obligation to escalate the incident using any of the reporting pathways listed above. All reported cases, regardless of how they are reported, will be treated seriously and will be handled by professionals who are trained in the matter and will treat them with the necessary sensitivity.