The Stakeholder Group of Persons with Disabilities in their 2019 submission paper to the High-level Political Forum clearly made the case that climate change has a negative impact on persons with disabilities, their families and communities. This working paper looks a little
closer at these impacts.

Using the 4Ps, this briefing paper focuses on:

  • The Personal – what effect climate change has had on individual lives and communities in the following areas: Livelihoods, Access to Information, Displacement/Migration and Health.
  • The Programme – how can programmes implemented by DPOs and mainstream organisations take a more inclusive approach to climate and disability programmes and what does that mean for organisations.
  • The Policy – what are the current approaches to climate change and disability inclusion in global frameworks and what are the challenges for national implementation.
  • The Political – how can persons with disabilities become more actively involved in climate change activism and why political leaders need to take a more pro-active approach to including disability in their political commitments.