Over 548,000 people were supported with medical and rehabilitation services.
Over 1.76 million people receiving eye-related medical services.
Over 2.56 million people were protected from Neglected Tropical Diseases.
Over 125,100 sight-restoring cataract surgeries were carried out.
Over 33,900 people were provided with community mental health services: over 19,800 women and girls, and over 14,000 men and boys.
Over 32,300 people were empowered through self-help groups, peer support groups, and Organisations of People with Disabilities. 
Over 20,000 people with disabilities were supported to earn a living, including over 14,300 women and girls, and over 5,600 men and boys.
Over 103,800 people were reached with disability-inclusive emergency relief.
Over 8,300 children and adults with disabilities were enabled to go to school, including over 4,000 women and girls, and over 4,300 men and boys.