CBM Global joins NNN Conference

News | September 7, 2021

CBM Global is delighted to join the 12th Annual Neglected Tropical Diseases NGO (NNN) Conference taking place virtually on 7-9 September 2021. This year’s theme is: “Enabling a paradigm shift to a country-led response to deliver the NTD Road Map.”

As well as being an event sponsor, CBM Global will also take part in the session “Enhancing Resilience: country led, people centred, holistic and inclusive approaches to NTD programming and livelihoods”. This will be moderated by Kirsty Smith, CEO of CBM UK, and participated by various CBM Global partners and The Leprosy Mission:

  • Chris Ogoshi, Programme Coordinator of Health and Development Support (HANDS) programme: “The need for Holistic and Inclusive NTD programmes in Nigeria”
  • Dr Afolaranmi Toloupe, University of Jos – Neglected Mind-Skin Link: “Findings from Mental Health and NTD research for people with lymphatic filariasis and leprosy”
  • Suresh Dhondge & Mangala Dhondge, The Leprosy Mission Trust India: “The Role of Inclusive Livelihoods to promote Participation and Inclusion”
  • Aphuid Njeru, Africa Inland Church Kenya Health Ministries Programme Co-ordinator, Kenya Meru Inclusive Trachoma (MINT) Programme
  • Lucy Nkatha, Disability Rights Champion and person living in area affected by NTDs – Kenya MINT programme: “Increasing resilience and inclusion of people affected by NTDs and living with disability – WASH and livelihoods in particular.”
  • Victoria Bariu, CBM Kenya – “Role of government partnerships”

Theresa Baird, Senior Programme Officer of CBM UK, and Jonathan Baltensperger, Programme Coordinator of CBM Switzerland will also join as facilitators during the session.

This workshop considers how more holistic and inclusive programming can address some of the multiple vulnerabilities experienced by people affected by NTDs at the “End of the road”. Programme examples will highlight the benefits of addressing intersectional issues and improving morbidity management including economic empowerment, stigma reduction, increasing access to WASH, responding to climate change, and improving mental health, as well as how to include community stakeholders more effectively in all stages of NTD programming.

What are the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)?

Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) are ancient diseases of poverty that impose a devastating human, social and economic burden on more than 1 billion people worldwide, predominantly in tropical and subtropical areas among the most vulnerable, marginalized populations.

They are bacteria, viruses or parasites are spread by human contact, insects, contaminated water and or soil infested with the eggs or larvae of worms. These mostly infectious diseases are easy to prevent and to treat.

How does CBM Global tackle the NTDs?

CBM Global supports NTD programmes in areas where these diseases are identified as a public health problem. We tackle the NTDs by:

  • Working with the disability movement and people affected by NTDs
  • Breaking the infectious cycle through mass administration
  • Helping those already affected by these infectious diseases
  • Preventing these diseases through Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

Danny Haddad, Inclusive Eye Health and NTD Director of CBM Global says:

“There is a need to address NTDs through a holistic lens, combining medical treatment, surgery, mental health, stigma, community based inclusive development and health education. CBM Global aims to achieve a programme that is inclusive, comprehensive, integrated, cross-cutting, holistic, person-centred and country-led.”

Learn more about our work with NTDs here.

Main Image: Children getting water from one of the newly sunk borehole in Nigeria. ©CBM

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