CBM Global Executive Director advocates for disability rights at COSP17

News | June 12, 2024

David Bainbridge, Executive Director of CBM Global, presented our general debate statement today, 11 June, at the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (COSP17) at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

CBM Global’s statement highlighted the concerns of the shrinking of civil society space and the backward slide of disability rights. Specifically, David Bainbridge commented that “as allies to the disability movement, we are concerned that the progress made to implement article 4(3) is slowing down. The current Impact Coalitions under the Summit of the Future process do not include a specific Impact Coalition on persons with disabilities. This is a regression and we urge Member States present today to support OPDs and their allies in their call and proposal for a Disability Inclusive Impact Coalition.”

Our statement shared CBM Global’s advocacy priorities, which include climate adaptation, access to health services, humanitarian action, and strengthening disability data. Additionally, we presented our work and advocacy efforts that are done in authentic partnership with Organizations of Persons with Disabilities. 

We highlighted our work around disability inclusive humanitarian responses, including the recent cyclone in Bangladesh and landslides in Papua New Guinea. Both demonstrate that a lack of investment in inclusive preparedness leads to persons with disabilities not benefitting from early warnings and early action. Linked to this, we urged governments to uphold resolution 2475 to address existing inequalities faced by persons with disabilities that are further exacerbated. Additionally, we asked governments to continue to support steps ensuring that disability inclusive humanitarian action, disaster risk reduction (DRR), and climate action are adequately resourced through appropriate humanitarian, DRR, and climate funding mechanisms including direct funding to Organizations of Persons with Disabilities.

To watch the full statement, click here (39.57-minute mark). To read the full message, click here.

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