Introducing the Inclusion Advisory Group

Inclusion Advisory Group is an initiative of CBM Global Disability Inclusion

CBM Global is excited to introduce the Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG), an initiative to deliver inclusion advisory services in partnership with the Disability Movement.

This global initiative builds on many years’ experience of delivering inclusion advice to a wide range of organisations particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. IAG offers clients the chance to benefit from CBM Global’s world-leading expertise in disability-inclusive development and humanitarian action, while also drawing on the expertise and experience of people with disabilities themselves through close partnership with the Disability Movement.

CBM Global Executive Director David Bainbridge explains:
“We’re very excited to launch the Inclusion Advisory Group, as we know many organisations, including NGOs and governments, are committed to be more inclusive in their work but lack the knowledge and experience to do this. The IAG allows us to scale up our advisory work, offering tailored, localised advice and relationships to a wide range of organisations through our global network of advisors, and associates. Clients will be able to access multi-skilled teams of CBM Global and associate experts, as well as drawing on the input and experience of people with disabilities themselves, through our close collaboration with Disability Movement partners.”

Through the Inclusion Advisory Group, CBM Global will share expertise developed through our community programmes over decades of working alongside people with disabilities in Africa, Asia and Latin America with clients including UN bodies, NGOs, government and other organisations, at local, national and global level.

CBM Global is committed to building an inclusive world where all people with disabilities can enjoy their human rights and fulfil their potential. Delivering inclusion advice is one of our three “vehicles for change” across our humanitarian and development mandate, closely coordinated with our advocacy work and community programmes.

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