Community Mental Health Good Practice Guides introduced

News | June 22, 2021

Today, CBM Global and our partners launch the first five of our Community Mental Health “Good Practice Guides”, which share lessons learnt from our global work on mental health for over 20 years.

These can be used by anyone, regardless of role, expertise, or area of focus, who wants people with mental health conditions and/or psychosocial disabilities to:

  • Participate meaningfully and authentically in their communities;
  • Have a good quality of life and wellbeing; and
  • Have access to dignified quality care and supports to address individual needs.

The guides focus on Peer-Support, Community Mental Health Forums, Stigma and Awareness Raising, Mental Health System Strengthening, and Neglected Tropical Diseases & Mental Wellbeing. Each Good Practice Guide shares the perspectives of people with lived experience, mental health conditions and/or psychosocial disabilities, demonstrates how community supports, mental health services and systems can be improved, and illustrates how these efforts should be and/or are guided by human rights, personal experience, evidence and best practices.

Ben Adams, Senior Mental Health Advisor of CBM Global says:

“Over the last 20 years, CBM alongside our partners have learnt so much through our work in mental health, with communities across the world. Now more than ever we need programmes and initiatives that address inclusion, mental health and psychosocial disability to promote wellbeing and recovery, especially for the most vulnerable. These new resources share our learning, provide real-world examples and offer insights into how we can achieve mental health and wellbeing for all going forward.”

CBM Global’s Community Mental Health team and partners will produce more Good Practice Guides soon. Two are currently in development – “Organisation of Persons with Disabilities Strengthening” and “Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in humanitarian emergencies”.

Download the Good Practice Guides and share them with your network and communities:

Peer-Support (French version; Spanish version)

Community Mental Health Forums (French version; Spanish version)

Anti-Stigma and Awareness Raising  (French version; Spanish version)

Mental Health System Strengthening (French version; Spanish version)

Neglected Tropical Diseases & Mental Wellbeing (French version; Spanish version)

Watch the launch webinars:

Webinar on Mental Health System Strengthening and Neglected Tropical Diseases & Mental Wellbeing

Join the conversation on Twitter by using #GoodPracticeGuide #NoHealthWithoutMentalHealth #InclusiveCommunities.

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