Nepal can play an important role in promoting Disability Inclusive Climate Action

Climate-change, News | December 6, 2023

Nepal has recently launched an ambitious climate adaptation plan. The plan, having an estimated cost of USD 47 billion extending to 2050, was unveiled at the National Climate Summit in Kathmandu. Ensuring disability inclusion is mainstreamed and the perspectives of persons with disabilities are included is important as adaptation measures are implemented.

On December 5, 2023, CBM Global Nepal Country Director Suraj Sigdel was part of a COP28 side event panel on “Enabling Climate Action and Inclusion; Embracing Diversity Including Disability”. The side event was held in the Pavilion of the Government of Nepal. Suraj joined with Umesh Balal Magar, a youth climate and disability activist and a member of Nepal Water Conservation Foundation.

At the side event, Umesh Balal Magar highlighted the important role persons with disabilities can play in climate adaptation:

“Persons with disabilities are not only the victim of climate disaster but also the contributor to policy and its implementation for an equitable and sustainable future”.

Suraj highlighted the importance of working in partnership with organisations of persons with disabilities (OPDs) for inclusive climate adaptation:

“The Government of Nepal has set out an ambitious national adaptation plan along with a budget to support it. As this plan is rolled out over the coming years, it is important that organisations of persons with disabilities are consulted and are part of its rollout. The plan includes measures under Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) and this provides the opportunity for ensuring disability inclusion”

On November 28, CBM Global launched the Climate Advocacy Roadmap which highlights how we will work with OPD partners over the coming years for important policy change in climate adaptation. It also outlines our efforts to amplify the voices of persons with disabilities in the call for climate justice, tackling unfair and harmful practices that negatively impact our planet. Read more about the plan.

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