Shaping better climate policy outcomes through community and OPD led research

Climate-change, News | November 28, 2023

A new research on the impact of climate change on persons with disabilities was launched on November 28 at a workshop organized by the CBM Global Philippines country team and partners. Two reports were launched during the event. One report was from a CBM Australia funded Inclusive Humanitarian Preparedness (IHRP) project. The second research report was led by an OPD funded by the Global Greengrants Fund highlighting the personal impact of climate change on persons with disabilities, including disruption to services, income and livelihoods and risk of displacement from homes.

A CBM Global Climate Advocacy Roadmap was also launched along with the research. The roadmap is a result of extensive consultation with CBM Global country teams, member teams, technical teams and OPD partners. The roadmap outlines CBM Global’s approach to climate advocacy, working with organisations of persons with disabilities and persons with disabilities living in communities at the front-line of the climate crisis. It will guide the advocacy work of the Federation, providing a lens on how CBM Global in partnership with OPDs advocates for better climate outcomes for persons with disabilities.

Hercules Paradiang, CBM Global Philippines Country Director:

“Local government implementation of disability inclusive plans that respond to the number of climate induced disasters and resulting humanitarian need are so critical. The Philippines is a country at risk from the impact of climate change, and measures our governments take for adaptation and mitigation must be inclusive of persons with disabilities.”

David Bainbridge, Executive Director of CBM Global.

“The climate crisis impacts our country teams, our partners, and most significantly the communities we are present in. We know that it is impacting negatively on development gains made and with that the loss of foundations necessary for inclusion. Adapting our programmes and viewing development through a climate lens helps us to shape effective advocacy to ensure a disability inclusive climate policy and programme response.”

Download our Climate Advocacy Roadmap. You can also reach out to Mary Keogh, CBM Global, Advocacy Director at

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