What we do

CBM Global works alongside people with disabilities in the world’s poorest places to fight poverty and exclusion and transform lives. Drawing on over 100 years’ experience, we work with the most marginalised in society to break the cycle of poverty and disability and build inclusive communities where everyone can enjoy their human rights and fulfil their full potential.

Our Core Areas of Work

Muchineripi Shondo, 52, at an ISAL (Internal Savings and Lending) meeting and training in Chivi, Zimbabwe
Community Based Inclusive Development

People with disabilities are routinely excluded from health, education, livelihood opportunities and the chance to fully participate in their communities. We work in partnership with the Disability Movement at all levels to promote inclusion. Our life-changing community development programmes across Africa, Asia and Latin America establish the foundations for inclusion, improve access to inclusive education, employment, healthcare and improve quality of life for women, men and children with disabilities and their families. We use evidence and learning from our community based work to support the Disability Movement in advocating for inclusive national laws and policies and achieving global change.

An elderly woman has her eye checked in a mobile clinic in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
Inclusive Eye Health & Neglected Tropical Diseases

A billion people worldwide live with avoidable blindness or visual impairment due to lack of access to eye health services. For many women, men and children living in poverty, access to straightforward interventions such as cataract surgery or a pair of glasses are out of reach. We work to improve access to inclusive and comprehensive eye health services for all, strengthening national eye health systems, making services affordable and accessible to the poorest and most marginalised people and helping eliminate Neglected Tropical Diseases, even for the most vulnerable groups.

Rose cares for her adult nephew Robert, who has severe mental illness which started after the death of his parents he also developed epilepsy in 2016. Rose is a member of the Mulanje Committee of the Mental Health Users and Carers Association (MEHUCA) local committee, in Malawi
Community Mental Health

Mental health conditions are a major cause of disability and ill-health worldwide. Those living in poverty are at greatest risk and least likely to access treatment or support. Many people experiencing mental health conditions and psychosocial disability face stigma, discrimination, even abuse. With decades of experience in the field of global mental health, CBM Global recognises the central role of mental health in wellbeing and works to promote good mental health, challenge the exclusion of people with psychosocial disabilities, and strengthen mental health systems, so that mental health needs are recognised and addressed.

Local Disabled Persons Committee chair Tapiwa Sigauke, 32, and CBM Zimbabwe Emergency Response Team member Allen Chaitezvi review the Humanitarian Hands-on Tool (HHoT) app at an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe
Humanitarian Action

People with disabilities are among those most affected by humanitarian crises and often the last to receive help. When disasters strike, we work with local organisations of persons with disabilities and other partners to deliver urgent aid. We promote the participation of people with disabilities in reducing the risk of disasters and preparing and responding to humanitarian crises. We share technical expertise and learning with mainstream humanitarian organisations to help them include people with disabilities in their response, through consultancy, tools and guidance, and advocacy at local, national and international level.

How we work

Authentic partnership with the Disability Movement underpins all we do. We’re deeply committed to working alongside people with disabilities and their representative organisations, and to the principle of “nothing about us without us”. We maximize our impact by delivering a unique combination of Field Programmes, Advocacy and External Advisory work, all in partnership with the disability movement. 

Field Programmes

Our programmes across Africa, Asia and Latin America are developed and delivered with local partner organisations to ensure long-term transformation and accountability in communities we serve.


We draw on learning and evidence from our community work to inform our advocacy and achieve systemic change for people with disabilities.

External Advisory

We share our expertise, advising governments, UN bodies and others on how to ensure inclusion in their own organisations, policies and programmes through our Inclusion Advisory Group.

Inclusion Advisory Group

Partnering to put inclusion into practice.

Through our global network of advisors, representatives and associations,
we offer localised inclusion advice, capacity development and support for a wide range of organisations.
Ramadhan (10) smiling alongside his brothers Ramadhani and Jumaa, and neighbour Mariam, with their arms around each other


To read more about how we work to end the cycle of poverty and disability, download our Programmatic Strategy, Approach to Partnership, Programme Quality Framework and our Theory of Change.

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